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Jumbo Bloom Vertical Caster

Producing the largest continuous cast rectangular bloom cross-sections in the world with industry-leading internal cleanness.  

jumbo bloom vertical caster cars

Rising more than 180 feet above ground and descending 90 feet below ground for an overall height of nearly 300 feet, TimkenSteel’s jumbo bloom vertical caster is the biggest continuous vertical bloom caster in North America.


“TimkenSteel’s new jumbo bloom vertical caster improves both our efficiency and capacity to serve demand for large bars and seamless mechanical tubing,” says Tom Moline, executive vice president of manufacturing. “The product quality that we’re achieving with the caster is meeting our highest expectations.”

The $200 million caster makes sections of special bar quality (SBQ) steel that measure up to 18 inches x 24 inches, referred to as “jumbo blooms,” which are later rolled into bars and tubes. The first heat from the caster, produced on Oct. 21, 2014, was sold to a customer – a testament not only to the strength of the new technology, but the skill and expertise of the team operating it. The caster has now produced more than 45,000 tons of steel blooms in over 300 heats. It serves several markets, including industrial, energy, bearing, military and heavy machinery.

“The people who constructed this caster and who operate it today have made this plant the most technologically advanced steel-making operation in North America,” says Moline. “TimkenSteel is known for ultra-clean steel that’s used in the world’s most demanding applications. We’re also known for continuously improving our efficiency. Those involved with this project raised the bar once again on both those counts.”


The caster utilizes a vertical design that allows for continuous casting of high-alloy grades. The design provides for uniform steel with better inclusion distribution. The caster uses an optimized tundish design and advanced clean steelmaking technology. Its advanced operating technology also includes electromagnetic stirring, dynamic soft reduction, air-mist cooling, and thermal treatment for optimized surface quality. The fully automated jumbo bloom vertical caster is designed to operate consistently, featuring innovative process monitoring and control.

With an ability to cast difficult-to-produce alloy steel grades, Faircrest Steel Plant offers the only combination in the world of a large continuous vertical bloom caster and an in-line forge press. The forge press, coupled with the new vertical caster, expands our capabilities and jumbo bloom vertical caster strandshelps improve sound centers in large-bar sizes, efficiently giving customers more of what they need. The caster – combined with other assets – enables the broadest size range combination in North America for steel bars and billets, and seamless mechanical tubing.

The jumbo bloom vertical caster marks the capstone to a set of carefully planned, mission-critical investments over the past decade totaling about $500 million.

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For more details about our large jumbo bloom vertical caster, call Evan Wright, bar product manager, at 330-471-3570 or email him at evan.wright@timkensteel.com.


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