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Community and Public Outreach

In our industry and in the communities where we live and work, TimkenSteel aims to make a difference on important topics and causes. Below, see our industry presentations and testimonials. In addition, click to read about our commitment to social responsibility makes our local communities stronger and improves the wellbeing of our neighbors.

CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY: Tim Timken addresses the Department of Commerce on national security.

After witnessing the signing of an executive memorandum in the Oval Office on April 20, Tim Timken presented testimony today at the Department of Commerce public hearing for the Section 232 Investigation on the Effects of Steel Imports on U.S. National Security.


CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY: TimkenSteel, Other Steelmakers Discuss Impact of Foreign Steel at the White House

On Thursday, Tim Timken, along with the International Steelworkers President Gerard and the leaders of other major U.S. steel manufacturers, attended a meeting with President Trump and Secretary of Commerce Ross at the White House to discuss the impact of foreign steel on our economy and as it applies to national defense.


CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY: Tim Timken Testifies at Public Hearing on Global Trade

Tim Timken travelled to Washington D.C. on Tuesday to address a public hearing on global steel trade. The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), jointly with the U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce) and with the participation of other U.S. government agencies, convened the public hearing on the global steel industry situation and its impact on the U.S. steel industry and market.



Steel Tubing: A Flexible Product for a Broad Range of Market Needs


COMMUNITY PRESENTATIONS: Stark Development Board Annual Meeting

Tim Timken discusses why economic development is good for us all.


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