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Value-Added Components

We offer a complete supply chain solution that provides customers with steel components in whatever value level of completion is required, in the quantities and on the delivery schedule that best satisfies production needs.

Steel Components

Value-Added Components

Through our supply chain system, we provide cost-effective raw material and value-added conversion operations for semi-finished and finished steel components.

We consider the customer’s production capabilities or requirements, our capabilities and those available from our network of manufacturing partners. We then develop an optimal supply chain solution that provides the steel components required by the customer, at competitive per-unit pricing. This enables a lean approach to supply chain management for our customers – specific to meet their needs. 

With steel components, customers can avoid capital investment and focus efforts on their core competencies. They can rely on TimkenSteel to perform the required operations, and receive steel components at any value-added level desired. Go here to buy TimkenSteel bars or tubes.

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For more details about our steel components and supply chain solutions, call 330-471-8888.

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