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3 Things You Should Know About the Forge Press at TimkenSteel

It squeezes a steel bloom as effortlessly as a child squeezes modeling clay – only with incredible precision.

TimkenSteel’s forge press is critical to enhancing center soundness of large cross-sections of our special bar quality (SBQ) steel.

“We’re able to make the cleanest, most exotic alloy steel grades known to man, practically, on our new caster,” says Ron Honaker, who was part of the design team that brought the forge press to Faircrest Steel Plant. “Then we bring the steel bloom directly to the forge press, and really control porosity and soundness of center. Then we take it directly to the rolling mill and make a customized size to anybody’s order book.”

Hear Ron share some of the unique aspects of the forge press, and watch it put the squeeze on some hot steel: