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The steel you select for your automotive and industrial gears matters.

We have a century of experience producing clean steel for the gear industry and other demanding applications worldwide. We have spent years continually developing and testing our materials, developing in-depth knowledge about product and material characteristics that affect gear life. We use advanced steel characterization tools that help us determine how to extend that life and reduce manufacturing costs.

Using TimkenSteel product can help you take advantage of power density principles. This can happen by reducing the weight of your components and/or increasing the amount of torque or load. Ultimately, our cleaner steel, chemistry control and product consistency contribute to better gear products.

Here’s how…

  • Increase the amount of load through your gears, leading to more power-dense designs
  • Increase legislative-mandated fuel efficiency and greenhouse gases through smaller gears (the ability to downsize)
  • Reduce your total supply chain cost by decreasing manufacturing and processing costs
  • Improve distortion control
  • Achieve better fatigue resistance by reducing bending, rolling and sliding fatigue
  • Increase expected product life by minimizing cracking and spalling

Watch the video below to learn more about how clean steel improves gear performance.