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Sharpening Large Bar Focus with New Peeler

New PeelerIt’s like a pencil sharpener, only for steel.

That’s the basic concept of how our new bar peeler works.

This centerless rough turning equipment – located in the billet conditioning building at Faircrest Steel Plant in Canton, Ohio – peels the outside off our special bar quality (SBQ) steel with a rotating cutting head. For example, if the bar is 10-1/4," the finished peeled product comes out at 9-1/2."

Customers can order hot-rolled or forged-rolled bar in a peeled size up to 15.5," according to Matt Oettli, senior manager – business development. He noted that we offer our product line in a peeled condition when the customer requires tighter tolerance on the outside diameter.

There are three peeled bar advantages to benefit customers:

Better ultrasonic testing

Our advanced inspection line performs full-body inspection for bar diameters from 6" to 24" and lengths up to 35 feet. It handles internal and surface inspection of bar products and helps characterize the center soundness for bars.

Guaranteed clean-up size

We can either protect your nominal finish size or provide machining to your finished size, whichever is best for your application.

Reduced machining requirements

A better surface quality bar that requires less machining after a customer receives the product saves time and additional outsource costs. This contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

End-user applications for the bar peeler reach the distribution, energy (both non-renewable and renewable), industrial machinery, marine, mining industries as well as many other general industrial applications.

“Customer feedback so far has been very positive – they love the peeled product," said Jeff Grubich, senior manager – global sales – distribution.

With the bar peeler, we are now the only U.S. supplier providing melting, rolling and peeling solutions from 1" to 16."

"The bar peeler gives us an opportunity to offer shorter lead times, lower cost versus outsourcing alternatives and a more complete product offering in-house for our complete size range," Grubich said.  "Another positive is that our customers now have another competitive choice for U.S.-manufactured goods. There isn't another carbon and alloy steel producer in the country that offers this complete package for small, intermediate and large bar.”

Shawn Seanor, executive vice president at TimkenSteel, leads the company’s sales and business development. He joined the company in 1984 as part of the project management team that launched the Faircrest Steel Plant. Shawn holds a bachelor's degree in management engineering from Grove City College and a master's degree in business administration from Kent State University.