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Forged-Rolled Process for Large Bar Soundness

Superior steel purity at a reduction ratio less than the traditional 6-to-1 minimum is now a reality.

TimkenSteel’s Forged-Rolled process enables the customer to receive certified, sound-centered bars at reduction ratios less than 3:1.

When it comes to bulk deformation and breakdown of as-cast steel blooms – there are two methods: forging and rolling. We combine both processes in order to capture the benefits of each.  Our forging sequences use the initial, heavy breakdown passes of a bar forging sequence, leaving off the abundance of small reduction cosmetic passes required in a completely forged bar. Then, final size and shape uniformity is achieved using our two rolling mills, which are much better suited to special bar quality (SBQ) dimensional control than an open-die forge press. 

A Superior Deformation Process

We design our forge press sequences to deliver heavy, compressive deformation to where it is needed most – at the center of your bar.

Historically, customers used reduction ratio (the ratio between the as-cast and final cross-sectional areas) as a proxy for center soundness despite the fact that reduction ratio only accounts for the geometric shape change, not the center condition. Using advanced modeling tools, TimkenSteel can focus on optimizing center soundness without the traditional constraints of reduction ratio. The forging sequences developed with these tools are validated against actual ultrasonic testing results and used to optimize the Forged-Rolled process path for our jumbo blooms.

TimkenSteel Class B Assurance

We can achieve and assure Class B soundness or better on most grades for our entire large bar size range.

Our Class B guarantee stands on a foundation made from years of in-plant trials, computer modeling and validation by ultrasonic non-destructive testing.

The Forged-Rolled process utilizes two of TimkenSteel’s recent investments – the inline forge press and jumbo bloom vertical caster. Forged-Rolled contains the best of both worlds – the center consolidation of forging plus the size control of rolling.