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New Endurance grades begin production

Endurance steel grades blog photo 1

The heat is on – literally – for two of TimkenSteel’s newest Endurance steels. The first-ever production heats of these ultra-high-strength, high-toughness grades were melted this week at the Faircrest Steel Plant in Canton, Ohio.


The new grades, along with our entire family of higher-strength, higher-toughness steels, take advantage of TimkenSteel’s unique alloy design and clean steel-making capabilities. Endurance steels can offer customers extended life, reduced weight and/or increased power in engineered components, without a need to change their fundamental design.


“Our Endurance steels can provide improved power density performance – especially our three new grades within the family, which have mechanical properties similar to those of exotic alloys, at a much more affordable cost,” said Buddy Damm, product and process scientist.


Buddy explained that traditionally, increasing strength in steel means a loss in toughness, while increasing toughness means a loss in strength. Endurance grades, with their unique chemistries, cleanness properties and heat-treat recipes, offer the best of both worlds – the possibility of both increased strength and toughness.


Endurance steels are ideal for customers who are continuing to push the limits of material capabilities in their applications. One example is in drilling operations for mining and oil and gas, where a need for drilling rig efficiency and productivity requires minimal downtime for tool replacement or maintenance.


“Drilling application customers are looking for faster rigs and better productivity, with minimal damage to drill bits and other tools,” Buddy said. “These steels provide the opportunity for higher-performing components, which means the customer can do more with less, saving time and money.”


Other applications in which Endurance steels may be beneficial include mud motor shafts, high-performance racing or automotive components and military applications and more.


This week’s heats are intended for an application requiring fatigue strength, without sacrificing toughness, in a very low-temperature environment.


“We’re targeting a multitude of industries,” Buddy said. “Anywhere an application generates high service load and significant transient or impact loads, our high-strength, high-toughness Endurance steels can offer a solution.”