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Made in America for 100 Years: TimkenSteel Material Services


Editor’s Note: To close out our centennial year, we’re highlighting each of our facilities and its role in contributing to our long-term success. Our next facility has a shorter past but very exciting future ahead of it. Watch for posts on our other locations in the coming weeks.

TimkenSteel Material Services (TMS) in Houston joined the company’s family in 2008, when The Timken Company bought the assets of Boring Specialties Inc., to create a wholly owned subsidiary known as Timken Boring Specialties. Operating since 1972, the facility was driven by a vision to serve the demanding and unpredictable needs of the energy industry, which it continues to this day.

Over the years, TMS has added machining services like trepanning, precision drilling, pull boring, skiving, honing and turning.

 “We are a great conduit to get TimkenSteel products into the oil and gas industry – with some value-added machining,” said Plant Manager Eric Walsky. “We are leading the way in the development of deep-hole machining solutions that provide such a pristine surface finish, that honing is becoming an unnecessary operation. We are diversifying our portfolio into industrial applications to balance the impact of oil and gas downturns.”

Walsky is most proud of the teamwork at his facility.

“People here genuinely care about each other, about meeting customer requirements and about responsible performance,” Walsky said. “You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices every day.”

He has seen a lot of change, and credits the teamwork among his staff.

“The teamwork has led to development of significantly better overall manufacturing and business processes,” he said. “The sales and manufacturing disciplines are more closely linked. The safety culture has blossomed.”

Walsky sees a bright future for TimkenSteel and its Houston facility over the next 100 years.

“I see the TMS facility increasing its flexibility by converting the current machining fleet into a set of standardized, multi-process machines that can easily adapt to a fickle market,” he said. “I see us solving problems and providing solutions to customers for issues they don’t yet know they have. I also see the TimkenSteel name being recognized in the Houston area as a reliable, customer-centric, problem-solving organization that is also a great place to work and be successful in your career.”Houston_Centennial3 Houston_Centennial4