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Advanced Quench-and-Temper Facility Makes Its Mark with Process Efficiency

AQTF It’s been almost six months since TimkenSteel began commercial operation of its advanced quench-and-temper facility (AQTF), and the ramp-up has gone very well.

In fact, the facility worked up to 24/7 operation within its first four months, well ahead of original plans. The expedited ramp schedule helps to improve delivery in increasing markets and ensure maximum capacity is available now to meet customer needs.

The $40-million AQTF facility is the newest of our investments, and enhances our offering of special bar quality steel bar and seamless mechanical tubing for the harshest applications, like sour service wells requiring corrosion-resistant steels in the energy industry.

Like all of TimkenSteel’s thermal treatment operations, the AQTF equipment is designed to meet demanding material property specifications, as well as tight temperature tolerances. It provides uniform product heating, quenching and cooling. Unique to the AQTF, though, is a proprietary shell-shaped quenching system that produces a stronger water flow at a faster rate than other quench-and-temper operations, producing high-martensitic structures critical to achieving higher strength and toughness properties our customers need.

The AQTF brings TimkenSteel an additional capacity of 50,000 process tons annually of 4-inch to 13-inch SBQ bars and tubes, as well as added production efficiency. The highly automated facility provides full piece tracking and process visibility and requires only two operators manning a complex set of controls to run the operations at any given time.

See the AQTF in action soon after start-up! To learn about TimkenSteel’s thermal treatment and sour service capabilities, view our website or contact Matt Oettli, senior manager, energy business development, at 330-471-3167.