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For TimkenSteel, our commitment to sustainability is where the rubber meets the road... or in this case, the recycling process


The process of making special bar quality (SBQ) steel at TimkenSteel is really one huge recycling operation, and we are continually focused on responsibly producing the cleanest steel in the industry through industry-leading, innovative environmental practices.

One of those practices is our tire recycling program, which was developed in 2010 and helps to keep used and spent tires out of landfills. It also allows us to partially replace traditional fuel sources such as coal in our steelmaking process and reuses valuable metal content contained in the tires.

In 2017 alone, our tire recycling program kept 1,336 tons of used tires – the equivalent of more than 121,000 passenger tires – out of landfills by recycling them in the steelmaking process.

Because the program recycles so many waste tires, it helps to prevent potential human health and nuisance issues arising from the presence of tires in landfills. Further, it destroys a waste stream that would otherwise break down very slowly in the environment. For TimkenSteel, using this alternative feedstock in the steelmaking process also offers the opportunity to reduce dependence on traditional carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

As a result of our demonstrated success with the program, we received a special permit in 2017 from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to expand its scope to include even more tire processing capabilities at a subsidiary facility.

We also received recognition within the steel industry when, earlier this year, TimkenSteel was named a finalist in the Environmental Responsibility/Stewardship category of the 2018 American Metal Market Awards. To read the article, click here.

In 2018, we’re continuing to advance our sustainability efforts. Don’t miss our future posts on environmental leadership … Follow us on Twitter @TimkenSteel or bookmark our SBQ blog before leaving.

For more information on TimkenSteel’s commitment to operating safely and sustainably, visit http://timkensteel.com/who-we-are/corporate-social-responsibility/environmental-health-and-safety.

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