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At TimkenSteel, operating responsibly and sustainably is as important to us as making the world’s cleanest steel.

Our people come to work each day with a mindset of “Yes. It’s possible.” Our culture is rooted in continuous improvement and we strive each day to make tomorrow better. We also consider ourselves partners in sustaining the communities where we live and work. This attitude delivers leading innovation, productivity and safety performance, as well as good people practices and corporate citizenship.

All of our stakeholders count on us to be both socially responsible and an industry leader in safety and environmental performance. Our customers rely on us to provide innovative steel products and solutions that help solve their toughest challenges and also meet their sustainability and business objectives. Our shareholders expect us to operate with a focus on delivering results, and for our employees, we’re committed to offering a safe, healthy and fulfilling workplace where they can build a career.

By delivering on all these expectations, we’re fostering the overall sustainability of TimkenSteel.


Principles & Important Issues

Guided by our core values of ethics and integrity, quality, innovation and independence, we focus on creating long-term shareholder value by employing sustainable practices. TimkenSteel’s commitment to operating responsibly helps ensure we create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, look after our environmental resources and develop sustainable technologies and business practices that contribute to economic growth and prosperity.

Serving as the foundation of our sustainability program are Business Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement. We are committed to operating in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and maintaining robust programs focused on compliance. In addition, we believe that communicating regularly and transparently with stakeholders and responding to feedback is key to our overall success.

Built on those foundations are social and cultural leadership, environmental stewardship and economic impact pillars comprised of:

Safety and Health:

  • Protecting the safety and health of those who work at TimkenSteel through cooperation among employees, company leaders and government.

Total Wellbeing:

  • Supporting the total wellbeing of our employees and their families at every stage of life through a variety of programs and resources designed to improve their physical, financial, emotional and social health; building a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion, and creates overall work and life satisfaction.

Community Impact:

  • Providing employment opportunities and supporting economic growth while fostering dynamic places to live and work; supporting education to help equip young people in our communities to realize their potential; remaining a leader in workplace giving and employee volunteerism.

Resource Conservation:

  • Integrating material efficiency and conservation of both energy and natural resources into our operations; finding opportunities to reduce the amount of waste we generate, increase recycling, and reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Sound Environmental Management:

  • Employing proactive environmental practices that are based in an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) and are focused on maintaining clean air, water and land, and complying with environmental rules and regulations.

Continuous Improvement in Environmental Practices:

  • Encouraging innovation, collaboration and stakeholder engagement in our environmental programs.

Shareholder Value:

  • Supporting long-term value through continuous improvement, sound business practices and governance, well-executed operations and a balanced approach to risk management.

Corporate Governance:

  • Promoting the long-term interests of shareholders, holding our company’s board and management accountable, and building public trust through good governance practices.

Risk Management:

  • Defining the company’s appetite for risk to better align decision-making and risk-taking in order to achieve business objectives, and monitoring the effectiveness of decision-making using established controls and processes.

Goals and Objectives

We commit to:

  1. Being a safe and good place to work.
    1. Consistently ranking in the top third of best-performing peer companies in terms of:
      1. OSHA recordable rates
      2. Lost-time accident rates
    2. Continuing to implement programs that foster a positive safety culture.
      1. Achieving ISO45001 certification by 2025.
  2. Improving the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of our employees.
    1. Employing regular employee feedback mechanisms.
    2. Reviewing and adjusting our people policies to meet employees’ needs and remain highly competitive.
  3. Fostering a culture that maximizes the power of diversity and inclusion that lends a variety of perspectives and expertise to our operations and reflects the communities in which we operate.
    1. Consistent growth in Employee Resource Group participation.
  4. Minimizing environmental impacts in the areas of carbon intensity, waste-to-landfill, energy and water consumption.
    1. Continual year-over-year improvements in each of the above areas.
    2. Maintaining ISO 14001 and other leading environmental management systems/standards.
  5. Giving back to communities by volunteering and donating resources.
    1. Achieving 100 percent leadership team participation on charitable boards.
    2. Continuing to be a leader in at-work charitable giving and employee volunteerism in the communities where we operate.
  6. Creating long-term value for our shareholders.
    1. Monitoring key performance and risk indicators on a regular basis to ensure we are achieving our business objectives.
    2. Delivering a positive return over the cycle.


  1. The TimkenSteel Sustainability Committee is a cross-functional, team of employees from the company’s Legal, Environmental, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Communications and Community Relations functions. The members serve as representatives for their functional area(s) and also as liaisons between company executives, plant operations, risk management leaders and other internal stakeholders on sustainability-related matters. The group meets quarterly to review key issues, discuss program progress and make recommendations to company leadership on furthering TimkenSteel’s corporate sustainability program.
  2. We will externally report on our progress against our sustainability goals on an annual basis.
  3. Progress reports on the company’s corporate sustainability efforts are provided to the leadership team and the Board of directors periodically.

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