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Steel Technology Benefits

research and development at TimkenSteelWe live research and development every day, developing technology that creates tailored products and services for our customers' toughest engineering challenges. Our track record of innovation grows from a deep technical knowledge of processes and applications. About one-third of our salaried workforce has an engineering degree.


This differentiates us in the marketplace, as our technical experts in both materials and applications work closely with each customer to deliver flexible solutions related to our products as well as their applications. We believe few others can consistently deliver that kind of customization and responsiveness.


TimkenSteel delivers these tailored solutions based on the following technical foundation:

  • Deep and experienced management and technical team.
  • Close and trusted working relationship with customers across diverse end markets.
  • Leadership position in niche markets with differentiated products.
  • Track record of innovation that grows from a deep technical knowledge of processes and applications. Our research and development efforts focus on creating the answers to our customers' toughest engineering challenges and then leveraging those answers into new product offerings.


Our technical capabilities include:


TimkenSteel invests in technology developments that result in cleaner materials. Our engineers drive technology in many markets, producing new and better products that demonstrate superior performance in high-stress conditions. Whether we need to develop new material specifications, or help solve a customer-processing problem, our advanced material engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the industry.



Our expertise in advanced material conversion, finishing and gauging ensures high quality production of every TimkenSteel product. With resources dedicated to studying, developing and implementing next generation steel manufacturing processes and technologies, we’re able to support new product growth and performance value for our customers.



Our design and analysis technologists specialize in using advanced engineering tools to design TimkenSteel products and analyze their performance. They also work directly with customers to analyze their applications and develop customized solutions that overcome special challenges.


Our material science technology, development and engineering support have earned TimkenSteel the reputation as a world leader in steel manufacturing and application. Customers benefit from the continuous improvement in these steel technologies, our technical support, the cleanness of our steels and more.



Customers rely on our engineering and manufacturing expertise to help them select the right steel for the job. Presented with an engineering print or material specification, our engineers can select the optimum material from the more than 450 grades of steel we offer. We also can design a custom alloy to meet individual application needs. We take a total-process view in material selection, considering aspects such as the customer’s material handling capabilities and manufacturing processes. Beyond metallurgical performance in the final application, we consider the machining, finishing, and heat-treating of the steel, seeking to maximize performance.



The depth and breadth of TimkenSteel metallurgical and materials science knowledge exceeds that of any other North American steelmaker. Our experts work in partnership with customers to specify and produce steel chemistries tailored to meet the most demanding applications. We can melt to a customer-provided chemistry or develop a custom chemistry based on their requirements. For customers investigating new steels or processes, we provide small test-quantity heats. We can also melt small amounts of customized heats to bridge the gap between testing and production.



Our engineers, metallurgists, process experts and other professionals are ready to work with customers to select the best steel and apply the most efficient manufacturing processes. Customers sometimes come to us with their own custom steel chemistry and ask for our insights on how they can best produce or optimize that chemistry for machinability. Other customers come to us with requests to help them improve or streamline the materials aspects of their processes. When customers experience steel-related issues, we dispatch the appropriate engineers, metallurgists or process experts to investigate the problem and develop solutions.

All benefits give our customers ease of use, security of supply, enhanced value and, ultimately, peace of mind.


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