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Specialized Services

We have earned a reputation as problem solvers.

We are eager to help customers find the right materials and processes. We are one of the few steel suppliers with a sales force composed of metallurgists, engineers and other associates with technical degrees. Their technical competence ensures that they are equipped to understand and resolve your technical issues.

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Thermal Treatment

From quenching and tempering to annealing, we provide tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs through our value-added steel bars, tubes and billets for challenging applications.

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Manufactured Components

We combine custom-alloy steel and value-added machining expertise, including precision drilling, step boring, pull boring, honing, skiving, turning, straightening and sawing.

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Technical Support and Testing

Comprehensive testing in TimkenSteel’s metallurgical laboratory ensures that every heat of steel meets each customer’s specifications.

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TimkenSteel Portal

Convenient access to order status and invoices for associates, customers and suppliers.

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