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Technical Support and Testing

technical support and testing at TimkenSteelOur engineers, metallurgists, process experts and other professionals are ready to work with customers purchasing our products to select the best steel and apply the most efficient manufacturing processes. Customers sometimes come to us with their own custom steel chemistry and ask for our insights on how they can best produce or optimize that chemistry for machinability. Other customers come to us with requests to help them improve or streamline the materials aspects of their processes. When customers experience steel-related issues, we dispatch the appropriate engineers, metallurgists or process experts to investigate the problem and develop solutions.

Metallurgical Testing

We ensure that the quality of every heat of steel meets our customers’ specifications through comprehensive metallurgical testing. This testing can include chemical analysis, tensile testing, hardness testing, Jominy testing, Charpy impact testing, metallographic and cleanness characterization and NACE corrosion testing, as required.  We also have specialized engineering development and failure analysis laboratories that we use to develop new or modified products and processes in order to meet the unmet market needs of our customers.

Contact Us

For more information about our technical capabilities and support, Call us at 866.284.6536 (USA), +52 (81) 1414 8731 (Latin America) and +52 (81) 8123-6147 (Mexico).


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